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How to survive as a startup in this LOCKDOWN ? Interview of Yadunandan Sharma
March 30, 2020
A Defense aspirant who has only dream to join Special Ops. He got nothing else for himself except his dreams but fate had decided something else for him as he couldn't make it. After a year and the help of his friend, he started his own dairy farm. ( Toughest Market to survive as a startup). But why he did it? Listen to the story of Yadunandan Sharma, Co-founder of Nature's Gift Farm on Ambesh Tiwari Show.  I Ambesh Tiwari, request you to stay at home, stay safe and stay productive. Do it for yourself, your loved ones and for your country... We can save our nation from Covid-19 ( Corona Virus ).  PS: If you are wondering how you can be productive then here is good news for you. My consultation is free until this lockdown. Connect with me and I will suggest how you can be productive. It will be 1-1 consultation and suggestions will be as per your situation. So Connect with me now.